Business Development

The clean energy sector is widely regarded as one of the most promising sources of new jobs, new technologies, and environmental benefits. According to a recent Brookings-Battelle report, the clean-tech economy grew twice as fast as the rest of the U.S. economy from 2003-2010 and now accounts for 2.7 million jobs nationwide. Nearly 80,000 of those jobs are in the Chicago area.

The challenge is to continue to tap the potential of this vibrant sector. Northeastern Illinois, especially the Greater Chicago area, is well-positioned to attract investments in energy technology and to reap the resulting long-term rewards. The region ranks among the nation's leaders in human capital, transportation, and technology infrastructure.

Power Up Now supports local and state efforts to attract capital investment in the energy sector and to further construction projects that use energy technology. We provide consulting, technical, and construction expertise to those who seek to modernize the existing energy infrastructure. We also serve as a resource and advocate for emerging energy companies and for programs to improve efficiency and promote conservation.

To attract new investment and create jobs, Power Up Now:

  • Partners with area economic development organizations to market the region, attract
      new business, and support expansion efforts of existing businesses.
  • Aggressively advocates, at both the local and state levels, for approval of appropriate
      development and construction projects.
  • Helps secure federal and state grants to grow the regional energy technology industry.
  • Plays a leadership role in determining regional and state economic development

To support business creation and the growth of our region’s energy industry, Power Up Now:

  • Provides energy technology expertise and demonstration sites where new
      technologies can be piloted and tested.
  • Provides marketing support to help electrical contractors enter new markets, such as
      lighting controls, clean energy technology, energy-efficiency retrofitting, and electric
      vehicle charging stations.